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Why use BeeUpdated™?

BeeUpdated™ is a personal newsreader that enables you to track your newsletters without cluttering your own email inbox. If your inbox starts to look like a flyer bin, it's time to change!

Valuable content

Newsletters are a source of insider knowledge. Keep reading your favourite authors without cluttering the inbox.


Follow the markets, reports, events, and all news from around the world. Newsfeed is the medium meant for this.


Keeping an eye on promotions and coupons at your favourite stores? Don't let them make a mess in your inbox.

Project tracking

Flooded with status notifications from Jira, GitHub and others? That was the primary reason for creating BeeUpdated™!

Email vs BeeUpdated™

  • Distracting email notifications
  • You can't categorize news
  • You have to open every single email to see the content
  • The possibility of using your email in violation of the GDPR
  • Slow data loading and complex message structure,
  • No distractions
  • Easy news categorization & filtering
  • Quick preview - you can see the content of the message immediately
  • You protect your real email addresses from spam and dissemination on the internet
  • Slick, convenient newsfeed

News from BeeUpdated™ - key milestones and waiting list for the mobile App

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